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Project Description

Case Managed Students

Case Management

In schools where we have paid student support specialist available, we offer case management to 10% of the student populations.


Each student that is part of our case management program goes through an evaluation to assess the students risk factor. From this evaluations, that student and student support specialist sit down and go over the evaluation and look for areas of growth that can be change with respect to attendance, behavior and coursework. Each student can make up to three goals. At the times time, the student support specialist will determine what type of supports the student will need to reach reach his or her goals, and together they develop a plan for success.

Check in

The student support specialist meets with the student at least once a month and sometimes as often as once a week, depending on a student risk factors. They make sure that the student in on tract to reach the goals that were agreed upon. During this time, the student support specialist make sure that the student has everything that he or she would need in order to reach their goals. For example, if the student is struggle with math, the student support specialist would make sure that the student has access to tutoring to improve her or his scores.

Case Managed Students
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