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Project Description

Hunger is Here

Davidson County has a great need.

On average, 45% of students in Davidson County schools and 85% of students in Lexington City schools are receiving free/reduced lunch. That means hundreds of our kids rely almost exclusively on the breakfast and lunch they receive Monday through Friday at school for nourishment.

Studies show that children who go hungry …

  • Are more likely to get sick. As a result, they miss more days of school and are less prepared to learn when they are able to attend.
  • Are more likely to have poor mental health, be socially disruptive and develop behavioral disorders.
  • Show higher levels of aggression and hyperactivity.
  • Have lower test scores and poor overall academic achievement.

What are we doing about it?

CIS currently supports Backpack Programs in three Davidson County schools and all six Lexington City schools.

As part of the program, 50 kids at each school take home a backpack full of kid-friendly food every weekend of the school year. Students are chosen to participate in the program by their teachers and administrators. They must be on free/reduced lunch and they must have permission from their parents to participate.

It costs approximately $5 to feed a hungry child for one weekend and just $200 to feed a child for an entire school year.

YOU can help sustain existing programs and open new ones by making an online donation. Or send a check to PO Box 177, Lexington, NC 27293 and specify “Backpack Program” on the memo line.

NEW! Lexington City Schools will now accept food donations.

The Backpack Programs at South Lexington Primary, Charles England Elementary, Pickett Elementary, Southwest Elementary, Lexington Middle and Lexington Senior High schools will now accept donations of food items in addition to monetary donations.

All food items donated to the Backpack Program must be kid-friendly, single-serve, and shelf-stable.  This is to ensure consistency and ease-of-use for students of all ages.  

Acceptable items:
Juice Boxes (100% juice preferred)
Fruit Cups/Applesauce Cups
Canned Foods (single-serve and pop-top lids only)
Single-Serve Cereals
Shelf-Stable White Milk (single-serve only)
Other acceptable items: single-serve packets of crackers (no peanut butter, please); boxed raisins; single-serve snacks (cookies, chips, etc.); breakfast bars

Please contact Communities In Schools if you would like to organize a donation drive! 

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You can make a difference.

By supporting our work, you ensure that students in our community have everything they need to be successful in school and life after graduation.