Tell us about your high school experience?

Sheyla Ramos’s favorite subject at Lexington Senior High School was Principles of Business and Finance, because she enjoyed going on field trips and learning about different careers. During her high school career, Sheyla played basketball for awhile and was involved with DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) and CIS. Some of her biggest challenges have been keeping her grades up and coming to school on a regular basis. Sheyla’s greatest strength is that she cares deeply for people, and her greatest weakness is that she can get stressed out really easily.

How did CIS help you get through high school?

During her years in high school, Mrs. Bostick guided Sheyla and continually checked in on her in order to make sure she was keeping her grades up and coming to school on a regular basis, but Mrs. Bostick’s care did not end there. Mrs. Bostick would check in on Sheyla’s health and her life outside school to make sure that things were going well. Through Mrs. Bostick’s guidance, Sheyla has learned that you need to work hard for what you want to achieve in life. Her most memorable experience was bowling at the YMCA with the entire CIS group. Her mentor Mrs. Conklin and her parents have helped motivate her to believe in herself so that she can achieve her dreams.

What are your plans for the future?

Right after she graduates, Sheyla wants to go to college while working part-time. She would eventually like to go into the nursing field, where she could work at a hospital as a nurse so that she can own her own car and house. She defines success by achieving her goals that she has set for herself. In five years she sees herself graduating from college and starting a career in the nursing industry. In ten years, she plans on having a steady job where she can fully support

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